Gebro Pharma and the Spanish Urology Association join forces to work together in the field of urologic diseases

Laboratorios Gebro Pharma and the Spanish Urology Association have joined forces to work together in the field of urologic pathologies.

Specifically, the goal of the agreement signed by Gebro Pharma’s General Director, Sergi Aulinas, and José Manuel Cózar, the President of the Spanish Urological Association, is to develop activities in connection with training, research and innovation in the diagnosis and treatment of urological diseases.
The incidence and prevalence of urological diseases increase as the population gets older. Diseases such as urinary incontinence, benign prostatic hyperplasia, erectile dysfunction, and urinary tract infections are the most frequent urological pathologies in our country, and only the right diagnosis enables the treatment and the timely referral to the urologist for a quick solution.

According to the President of the Spanish Urology Association, Dr. José Manuel Cózar, “Our goal, as a Scientific Society, is to foster continuous education and research in urological pathologies which generate new knowledge and help us treat the patients who suffer them. So for us it is very important to collaborate with laboratories like Gebro Pharma who care and research these pathologies”.

The company has a close relationship with medical associations, guaranteeing its commitment to the therapeutic areas it covers. As Sergi Aulinas states “At Gebro Pharma we are committed to patients’ health and that’s why we promote research and development of specific drugs for urological pathologies. We are proud to be able to collaborate with a renowned association as is the Spanish Urology Association”.
Gebro Pharma has a portfolio of innovative drugs in the areas of pain, rheumatology and urology, where they recently launched Ialuril Prefill®, a new presentation of Ialuril as prefilled syringes of hyaluronate acid, chondroitin sulfate and calcium chloride as excipient, to improve the product’s adhesion to the urothelial layer, for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of the bladder caused by damage to the urothelium’s protective layer. In addition, for the last years it has been commercializing Vejicur® for the treatment of superficial bladder cancer. Shortly, the company plans to launch new products for urological diseases that affect the quality of life of the patients who suffer them.